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Dware GroupAdmin

               Release 3.68

Current Release - Dware GroupAdmin Version 3.68

Primary Download Site (www.dware.com)

   Dware GroupAdmin Ver 3.68

Please note that Dware GroupAdmin is shareware and must be registered after the 30-day trial period if you continue to use the application. Read more in the registration section

If you have problems installing GroupAdmin related to the windows installer you can use this setup instead



Dware LogCommander

     NEW Application release 1.10


Current Release - Dware LogCommander Version 1.10

Primary Download Site (www.dware.com)

   Dware LogCommander Ver 1.10

Dware LogCommander is Freeware and may be distributed freely unmodified. The application requires VB-Runtime as well as the two standard components mscomctl.ocx and msinet.ocx

In case you need these components (very unlikely) they are available for download here, the components need to be registered with regsvr32 <filename>




Old versions of our products

   Dware GroupAdmin Ver 3.67

   Dware GroupAdmin Ver 3.66

   Dware GroupAdmin Ver 3.65

   Dware GroupAdmin Ver 3.64

   Dware GroupAdmin Ver 3.62

   Dware GroupAdmin Ver 3.60

   Dware GroupAdmin Ver 3.54

   Dware GroupAdmin Ver 3.53

   Dware GroupAdmin Ver 3.52

   Dware GroupAdmin Ver 3.5

   Dware GroupAdmin Ver 3.3